Agile Test Designer

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Agile Test Engineer

Loveland, CO

Client is looking for a customer focused QA engineer that will collaborate with product owners, developers, and end users throughout the product development lifecycle to ensure that the product meets both customer-stated requirements and additional quality requirements.


  • Advocates on behalf of the customer when assessing product quality and code quality
  • Drives collaborative discussions to promote understanding of product quality
  • Defines and executes hypothesis-driven tests, analyzes results and communicates findings to team
  • Pairs with developers to develop and review code
  • Validates functionalities in sprints, both manually and leveraging automation
  • Assists in problem solving code and product impediments
  • Collaborates with Product Owner to define acceptance tests, and "Done” criteria
  • Defines the technology stack for automated tests in conjunction with Software Architects


  • Preferably from a physical sciences, engineering, or computer science background
  • Hypothesis driven thinker
  • Has strong interpersonal and communication experience; connects all team members and stakeholders through shared understanding
  • Familiarity with customer service or similar functions
  • Experience with exploratory testing and hypothesis testing
  • Deep expertise in test-oriented development (TDD or BDD)
  • Experience in pair programming
  • Able to solve complex problems end-to-end and exert their own opinion on decisions to optimize user and business impact

Nice to have technical experience:

  • Programming languages of automatic tests: Jasmine, Protractor, Cucumber, etc.
  • Feature and Git Flow

Job ID: 18-00134

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