When I moved to Memphis, I wanted to pursue a career in IT, but I had no experience whatsoever. My husband had been in the field for years, which sparked my interest, but I didn’t have a degree, and my professional background was in personal training and sales. I started doing research to find a training program and came across FastTrack’D, but honestly, it seemed too good to be true. The lack of upfront tuition, the full-time job placement at the end — all in just eight weeks? I was skeptical, to say the least, so I kept looking.

A few months later I still hadn’t found a training option that was affordable. They all started to look the same after a while, too. How was I supposed to find one that was right for me? I remembered FastTrack’D — it was different. I decided to give it a shot and apply.

I passed the logic test but was still wary of the program, so when I talked to the recruiter, Mandy, I pelted her with questions. It was immediately obvious that she genuinely cared, and she answered my questions bluntly about the difficulty of the course. I love solving problems and taking on challenges, so I decided to tackle it head on. If it weren’t for her honesty and passion, I probably wouldn’t have pursued it.

The program was definitely stressful. I was often up until 1am finishing assignments of weekly exams, but you quickly realize how important it is. What really set Cook apart was that they don’t just focus on technical skills. They did a great job equipping us with interpersonal skills like how to interview well, knowing how to market us well to employers. They work hard to get everyone who graduates onto an assignment.

I now work as a developer at FedEx Technology Headquarters in their Aviation Division, but I think if I’d gone through one of the other bootcamps, I’d still be looking for a job. I haven’t come across another program that’s like FastTrack’D. You can just tell every person there genuinely wants to help everyone who goes through the program. Even after the course was over, we’ve stayed in constant communication, especially with our classmates. I work with about 10 other FastTrack’D graduates, and we eat lunch together almost every day. I know if I need help there will be at least two other people who can help me and also understand what it’s like to be on your first assignment. It never feels like you’re in the dark or you can’t reach out to your manager. They’re on your side.

FastTrack’D was life-changing for me. A year ago, I was working from home answering phones and selling security systems to businesses, and now I work at FedEx Headquarters. That’s pretty amazing.

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