Constructing Talent

We have years of experience and hundreds of deployments under our belt powered by the FastTrack’d model, an 8-week talent development program.

Here’s how it works:

  • Cook identifies more than 1000 possible candidates for consideration through a proprietary screening methodology.
  • We assess candidates for technical skills, sociability, and adaptability via a proprietary evaluation process.
  • Invitations are extended to less than 2% of applicants for acceptance into the 8-week, in-person training and development program.
  • FastTrack’d is a comprehensive program comprising technical training, team development, social skill trials, relationship development and personal evaluation.
  • Approximately 70% of candidates complete the FastTrack’d training program.
    Candidates are ready for deployment to internal teams or directly to clients upon completion of the FastTrack’d program.

The right people at the right time

Whether you need one person or multiple teams, we've got you covered


Identifying Talent

Our nearly three decades of experience means our staff is adept at mining only elite IT talent, whether from our FastTrack’d program or industry veterans.

We have deployed thousands of individuals into Fortune 2000 companies, each time ensuring our candidates are properly aligned with the needs of our clients and well-equipped to thrive in a collaborative business environment.


Team Delivery

We carefully craft teams whose standard is excellence, selecting individuals with varying skillsets tailored to our clients' needs, already primed to work together well. This enables us to offer a unique value in our teams’ ability to take ownership over both maintenance and development or lead a development initiative like a well-oiled machine.