FastTrack’D Application Process

So you've applied to the FastTrack'D developer training program, but you don't know what to do next? No worries, here are the phases of the process and what you can expect at each step.

How the FastTrack'D Application Process Works

Phase 1 - Application

  • All candidates can apply for the FastTrack'D program using this form on the Cook Systems website.
  • Once the application is successfully submitted, a confirmation email will be sent with next steps.

Phase 2 - Predictive Index

We use 2 online aptitude assessments to help determine which candidates are the best fit for the FastTrack'D program.

Here are the steps to taking the tests...

  • Candidates will receive an email from The Predictive Index for 2 online tests which will need to be completed in 24 hours.
  • Assessment 1 - PI Cognitive
    • The PI Cognitive Assessment is a 50 question, 12 minute timed test. Answer as many questions as possible in the time given.
  • Assessment 2 - PI Behavioral
    • The PI Behavioral Assessment is an untimed assessment, but it's helpful to complete it in a quiet place without distraction.

Phase 3 - Technical Assessment

  • If the Predictive Index Assessments show that the candidate is a good fit for the program, they will receive an email to take a technical assessment.
  • The technical assessment is centered around solving simple problems programmatically.
  • From the time the assessment is sent, the candidate has 24 hours to begin.

Phase 4 - Technical Interview

  • If the candidate successfully passes their technical assessment, they will receive an email to schedule a technical interview with an instructor.
  • The candidate should be prepared to talk about educational background and training, previous experience with development, and personal projects.
  • The candidate will complete live coding challenges given by the instructor during the interview.

Phase 5 - Interpersonal Interview

  • If the candidate passes the technical interview, they will receive an email to schedule an interpersonal interview with a recruiter.
  • The interview is a personal conversation that will cover several life areas and scenarios for us to get to know the candidates better.

Phase 6 - Acceptance / Pre-Class Prep

  • If the candidate successfully passes both interviews, they will be offered an invite to join the class!
  • The recruiter will discuss training and placement agreements, background and drug screening, class location, room and board, orientation details, and any other pertinent information the candidate would need to know prior to the start of class.

Any questions?

If you want to more about the FastTrack'D program or how we train highly skilled amateurs to become enterprise-ready developers, contact us using this form. Thanks!