We are proud to announce that one of our own Cook System's exceptional FastTrack'd graduates, Quinton Bolt, will be joining the amazing Amazon Photos development team at the Amazon headquarters in Seattle, WA.

After he graduated from the FastTrack'D program, Quinton spent a year at FedEx and then Service Master before moving into the classroom.  He has excelled in mentoring candidates along their journey of learning the technical and interpersonal skills necessary to graduate the course and start a career working for top tech companies like Amazon.  While we’ll miss Quinton in Memphis, we are so proud to have one of our team members pursue a lifelong passion working for one of the world’s largest tech companies.

Quinton shares, "After leaving school to attend a FastTrack'D class in 2016, my pace of success and trajectory were put into my own hands. FastTrack'D provides a place where you are able get out what you put in. The harder you work and the more challenges you are willing take on and tackle, the more success you'll see and the greater the opportunities you'll find. Starting with recruitment, we look for the people who are driven, self-motivated, and tenacious in both technical development as well as a desire to continue improving and becoming a better version of themselves. This is a continued focus throughout the 9 weeks of training. When students carry this determination and drive to learn as well as improve, their success is inevitable.

The part of the FastTrack'D that I feel was the biggest part of my personal success throughout the program was the mentorship I have been given. The people on the FastTrack'D team truly do want you to succeed and they have a desire to be a part of your success. Even as I leave the company, they continue to be as supportive and uplifting as when I was in the class. Having role models that you can surround yourself with that set such a high standard of excellence in both technical expertise as well as interpersonal and professional acumen is invaluable and essential for an individual's development.

I look forward to seeing more success from the program, the team, and the students. I am excited to see what they are able to accomplish in the years to come!"

We are extremely excited for “Q” and will miss him both in and out of the classroom.

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Q's story is just one example of how our FastTrack'D graduates are accepting jobs they could only dream of thanks to the skills they acquire and refine through our IT training programs.

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