Programmer/Developer III

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Programmer/Developer III

Nashville, TN


  • Expert Level skills in Tableau Dashboards and visualizations, 50%
  • Write and maintain SQL Queries, 10%
  • Building Data Analysis Plans, Complex Queries and Analytical Models using analytics, 10%
  • Interacting with Customers for requirements and provide consulting, 20%
  • Mentor other BI developers in creating dashboards, visualizations and reporting, 10%

Job Description

The Client currently has a need to support Business Domains, Departments and internal needs utilizing Tableau. This is in support of the Client's Strategic Data Plan. This data plan covers the following areas: Workforce development - Recognizes the growing need to educate the existing workforce and recruit highly skilled professionals in the Data Sciences, as data-driven services become a foundation on the Client's ability to promote evidence-based decision making. Collaboration/Digitization - essential in streamlining business operations and taking advantage of the Client's digital infrastructure; promotes collaborative efforts, unified communication, and consensus decision making. Information Architecture - promotes data adaptability and flexibility through an interoperable framework in support of multi-departmental collaboration; breaks down silos, enhances awareness of one of the Client's largest assets, data. Master Data Management – Provides a central service hub managing identity services across dispirit systems to facilitate data sharing and citizen centric Portal and mobile services. Data Governance - promotes standards, best practices, consistency, and quality in the management and use of data throughout the enterprise. Analytics and Visualization – assists the Client in telling a compelling story about what, how, and why the Client operates – along with the impact these have on the communities it serves.

Job ID: 18-00092

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