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We find and manage top-tier talent for your short- or long-term resource needs

A-la-carte-services for hyper-efficient staffing to complete your projects faster.

Through our Skills-based Managed Services, we can...

Interview, select, hire, and on-board resources 

The first step in any job is setting yourself up for success by putting the right people in the right positions. We are experts in identifying the best candidates for a job and onboarding them to get your team up and running quickly and efficiently.

Forecast resource needs on a 90-day cycle

Resource forecasting is all about understanding your future resource requirements and intelligently planning for them. Figure out exactly what personnel you will need to avoid gaps that will slow down your project

Determine the skill-based resources needed for upcoming projects

We will work with you to define the skills you will need as your efforts progress and ensure they are available when needed. Our ability to pipeline skills in anticipation of future needs ensures we act quickly as projected skills need to be filled. 

Schedule Cook Systems resources as needed to fulfill your forecasted needs

Take advantage of Cook Systems’ deep pool of talent to get the projected resources you need when you need them. 

Offer a Bench to Maintain Continuity of Resources 

We can offer a utilization-based model whereby we can bench resources while they are in between assignments.  During this bench period, we will invest in developmental training or prepare the resource for their upcoming assignment.

Manage Cook Systems resources working for you

If desired, Cook Systems can manage our team of resources so you don't have to.