Software Developer

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Software Developer

Memphis, TN

The client is looking for software engineers that are product focused. They will work on a product and understand all layers of the software stack. The core skills that are applicable on a daily-basis are essentially the fundamentals of computer science and logical reasoning. Engineers are responsible for documentation, automated tests and of course writing the code itself.

Job Responsibilities

  • Write documentation for the code to be written
  • Write automated tests for code to be written
  • Implement functionality such that automated tests successfully pass and according to coding standards
  • Work with product managers and UX designers to deliver most optimal and customer-friendly implementation.
  • Be on-call on a rotating basis for the services owned by the team
  • Debug production issues and create subsequent mitigation plans
  • Optimize performance of existing implementations
  • Own the product or component entirely
  • Bring forward ideas to experiment and work in teams to transform ideas to reality
  • Prioritize tasks with the scrum master that leads the team to be successful
    Basic Qualifications
  • BS in Computer Science
  • At least 5 years in product development experience
  • Strong understanding of computer science fundamentals such as data structures (trees, graphs, hash tables)
  • Deep understanding of functioning and implementation of basic algorithms such as sorts, searching and the capability to explain performance characteristics and complexity using Big-O notations
  • Capability to independently debug problems and analyze logs in production systems
  • Capability to read existing code
  • Strong understanding of various data storage options such as relational, no-SQL, etc.
  • Fluency in SQL/SQL-like query
  • Strong scripting skill in Shell, Python or Ruby
  • Strong language skills in languages such as C, C++, Java, Golang, .net Core

Preferred Qualifications

  • Masters in Computer Science or Applied Mathematics
  • Strong leadership skills with capability to lead a team of 3 to 4 engineers technically
  • Track record of developing products in an Agile development environment
  • Experience working in a CI/CD environment
  • Understanding of Git and development activities such as merge, conflict resolution of code
  • Deep understanding and experience in Docker, Kubernetes and AWS cloud services

Job ID: 19-00055

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