Systems Analyst II – TEM

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Systems Analyst II - TEM

Memphis, TN

Requirements for this position: automated test scripts, working on internal systems that we are redoing to make improvements. Building ground up systems, QA, Making sure database & systems are integrated and data moves to where it is supposed to move.

Job Description:

Responsible for understanding the business goals and objectives, analyzing problems, identifying solutions, performing research and cost/benefit analysis of varying options. Consistent professional communication, design documentation, support, creation and delivery of functional training for assigned Product. Ability to work closely with Business Analysts and Quality Assurance Analysts to analyze user requirements, procedures, and problems to automate processing and/or improvements. Responsible for modification of existing programs which are complex in nature under limited supervision. Ensure ITS core strategic goals are being met.


  1. Use of analytical skills to successfully understand goals, identify opportunities and promptly analyze and solve problems as data moves through multiple databases and systems. Participate in projects, self-manage time, risk, and change as needed. Involves working within an established office environment under normal lighting and climate control tolerances.
  2. Responsible for providing a professional level of communication regarding the potential and the limitations of the product supported to the ITS Business Analysts, Project Managers and Management in a timely manner.
  3. Responsible for creating quality technical design documentation specifications to tracking all system changes, and create and update product content developed for functionality training. Must have an understanding of UML and have the ability to produce system artifacts to document the integration of multiple complex systems.
  4. Responsible for ensuring appropriate and thorough testing is performed prior to making any production changes with the help of Quality Assurance Analysts and in compliance with change management procedures. Must understand how to produce automated test scripts and code them to ensure that a quality is maintain through out a products lifecycle.
  5. Responsible for working with various programming languages, operating systems, and computer hardware platforms. Must have the ability to produce complex database queries that answer desired business questions. Must be able to understand and document web services. Responsible for staying consistent with technology advancements. Requires use of a personal computer.
  6. Provide assistance to coders/developers to coordinate system development efforts. Assist in implementation of new system requirements, upgrades and fixes with approval and direction of from the Product Owner and/or Developers.
  7. Provide training for continuous improvement of others to build skill, testing ability, install, and modify programs as needed. Required to be on call and respond to product support calls as agreed upon.
  8. Coordinate with Business Analyst to understand the business request and provide recommendations to Product Owner on application code and/or configuration changes to meet the business needs.
  9. Performs project lead role and directs systems analysts. Provides leadership and coordination on projects assigned to systems analysts.
  10. Performs senior systems analysts tasks on a regular and ongoing basis.
Job ID: 19-00066

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