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"The FastTrackers have worked extremely well with our teams.  In general, the FastTrackers are anxious to help and show great aptitude.  Also, since they are local, it is easier for them to integrate into development teams and to participate in our agile processes."

-Senior Manager with Fortune 50 logistics company

"FastTrackers have added tremendous value by bringing solid Java and Web Development skills and creative ideas to our projects and teams. FastTrack resources have contributed and integrated so well I sometimes forget that they are not employees."

-Joel Tracy, IMC Co.

"Cook Systems has supported us very well with this program. If we have a FastTracker that is struggling technically, Cook provides an advisor to help tutor them.  Cook is continually modifying their FastTracker training program to address technology changes and issues that have been uncovered with FastTrackers adopting to a fast-paced corporate environment."

-Manager at Fortune 50 logistics company

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