Cook Systems and The Transformational Approach


We have nearly 30 years of experience, and our bent toward contrarian thought brings a refreshing perspective. The combination of these unique qualities empowers us to offer an approach to developing and delivering talent that is truly transformational.

We don’t resist change; we embrace it as a continual way of life. Informed by a reverence for the history of the technology industry and an in-depth knowledge of its progression, we are able to capitalize on both timeless principles and new ideas. Rather than settling into the grooves on the path most traveled, we plot our own course.

Cook’s approach is transformational, not transactional. We are passionate about investing in people, training up and tracking down the best of the best — not just on paper, but in real life, making the solutions we provide sustainable.

Through our FastTrack’d program, team-delivered solutions and culture of internal growth, we have established a unique way of doing business — one that values people over placement, creating genuine partnership with our clients and candidates.

The philosophy of the transformational approach

  • We try new ideas.
  • We ask questions — even the tough ones. They create a path to understanding.
  • We believe who you are is ultimately more valuable than what you do.

The transformational approach at work

  • We equip talent though FastTrack’d with more than just technical skills, investing in personal character and integrity as central elements of being an excellent, sustainable candidate.
  • We welcome change, even within our own organization. We’ve transitioned our own internal tools onto an AWS platform with automated testing capability, utilizing dev/ops construct and agile development methodologies.
  • We reimagined the educational framework of FastTrack’d by shaping it into modules, allowing for client involvement in the final product while preserving the integrity of the proven training model.

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Interested in what makes Cook Systems so unique? We believe that culture is just as important as results. Check out our Culture Guide, which is provided to all of our employees for a glimpse into the culture at Cook, what we value, and the why behind what we do.