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Cook Systems

Founded in 1990 by Wayne Cook, Cook Systems has established itself as a leader in the IT services industry with over 30 years of experience. Headquartered in Tennessee, with bustling offices in Memphis, Nashville, and recent expansions into Texas, including Dallas and Fort Worth, we are strategically positioned to serve a broad range of regional clients.

Our Mission

At Cook Systems, our mission is to empower businesses through innovative IT solutions and exceptional talent development. We are dedicated to cultivating technical expertise and personal integrity, ensuring long-term success for our clients and consultants. By fostering genuine partnerships, we anticipate and meet current and future IT needs, driving success and growth in a rapidly evolving industry.

Core Values

We are deeply committed to investing in and developing people, focusing on nurturing the best of the best. Our approach isn't just about placing the right talent but training them to excel beyond the norm.
Integrity: We earn trust through unwavering honesty with our customers and consultants.
Investment: We prioritize people, dedicating resources to foster both their technical skills and interpersonal growth.
Innovation: We foster a culture of continuous improvement, leveraging our extensive experience and talented team to drive innovation and enhance our services.
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Our Services

At Cook Systems, we specialize in a variety of IT services including application development, quality selected staffing, talent development, and solution delivery. Our proven FastTrack system allows us to innovate in the delivery of teams and unique talent combinations in multiple use-cases. We are not just providers; we are pioneers, continually innovating to develop and deliver top-tier talent solutions that align perfectly with your strategic sourcing needs. 
Staff Augmentation
Skills-Based Solutions Delivery

Meet Our Founder

Wayne founded Cook Systems over 28 years ago, steering the company to become a leader in one of the world's most dynamic industries.
Our Innovative Approach
Through our proprietary FastTrack program, we cultivate not only the technical skills necessary for success but also the personal character, integrity, and passion for learning that define exceptional consultants. Remarkably, 95% of our graduates remain in the IT industry, a stark contrast to the 15% retention rate of other training programs. This success is credited to our sophisticated and evolving screening process developed over the past 8 years, through which we have assessed tens of thousands of candidates.
Cook Systems IT Staffing Solutions
Partnership and Growth
At Cook Systems, we value people over placement, forging genuine partnerships with our clients and candidates. This transformational approach ensures that we not only meet the current IT needs but also anticipate and innovate for future demands.

Join us in redefining what it means to be in IT services—where people and solutions drive success together.

Empower Your Business Growth

Avoid letting a lack of skilled professionals stifle your business's progress. By collaborating with us, you tap into a remarkable reservoir of technical expertise. This partnership will propel innovation, enhance productivity, and lead to unmatched success. Reach out now to explore options to unleash your team's full potential.
Corporate Office
6000 Poplar Ave, STE 125
Memphis, TN 38119
Cook Systems is People Centered and Solutions Driven. We offer a robust portfolio of services designed to elevate technology capabilities by integrating our comprehensive solutions for Fortune 1000 companies and government entities. By hiring only the most talented professionals in the industry, we empower our clients to strategically address complex business challenges and leverage technology for impactful results.
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