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FastTrack is a 6 week, full stack bootcamp for aspiring enterprise level developers.

What is FastTrack?

FastTrack is our 6-week program that is designed to equip you with all the skills you need to become a successful and in-demand developer. After you graduate, we’ll even help place you in your first role.


Want FREE Tuition?

The cost of our program is $3,000, due upon graduation. However, we’ve put a milestone incentive system in place so that if you stay on track, your training is completely free.

Lower your tuition costs for each milestone you hit.
Hit all 4 milestones and you pay $0.

Why do we do this?

Because talented software engineers are hard to find and companies trust us to provide qualified candidates. It’s in our best interest to create great developers, just as it is in your interest to become one!


Here's How It Works



*2 week benchmark: If you're released from the program after this point, you're not responsible for any tuition costs

The FastTrack Curriculum Includes Training On:








React / Redux











Developer Bootcamp Comparison Chart

DigitalCrafts DevMountain
Full Stack Training
Course Length 16-27 Weeks 13 Weeks 6 Weeks
Client Relationships
Job Placement
Continuing Relationships
Tuition Cost $9,500-$13,950 $11,900 $3,000 $0*
* Students can earn FREE tuition by meeting milestones
throughout the 6-week course.


Gregory Hill | Software Developer


“Intense but thorough training”

I came to the program with an AS in Computer Science looking to kickstart my career without going into debt. I went through the Aug 2017-Oct 2017 class and started a contract through Cook at the start of January. My personal experience with the program has been a very positive one. I filled in several gaps in my knowledge during the course and gained a much better understanding of Web Service stacks which seem to be a very large part of the job market.

Corey Neal | Senior Developer


“FastTrack Success”

I found the FastTrack program shortly after obtaining my college degree. When most, if not all, other employers in the area were looking for professional experience on entry level positions, Cook Systems offered training and the prospect of a career through the FastTrack program. Through my 4+ years with them, I worked multiple contracts, with the last leading to a full time position with that company. Cook Systems and the FastTrack program opened the door for me into a career in IT, and for that I am very grateful.

Rotan Bosson | Software Developer


“Cook got me started as a developer”

After graduating college with a bachelor's degree in software engineering, other than an internship I worked at for a few months, I was unable to find any work. After almost a year, I joined FastTrack. The class covered java with spring and javascript, the first two weeks were largely review for me with my academic background, but the proceeding 6 weeks were very informative and valuable. After that, Cook got me on a contract with american express, and 2 and a half ears later and several contracts later I am still with cook, and very happy with it.

Here’s What Some of Our Grads Are Up To


Brice Frisco

Software Developer at ServiceMaster


Anthony Perry

EDI Programmer Analyst at IMC Companies


Ryan Lunger

Full-Stack Developer at FedEx

A Day in the Life of a FastTracker


8:30 am

Arrive to Class

Grab some coffee, chat with other FastTrackers and ask your instructor any questions you have about assignments.


9:00 am

Lecture Begins

Learn new skills and the foundational knowledge behind them as you work towards completing the week’s designated curriculum and your next milestone.


11:45 am

Wrap-up & Quiz

See how much you’ve already learned and understand in a fun quiz-style environment.


12:00 pm


Grab a bite and hang out with your fellow FastTrackers.



Flex Time

This is used as a simulation of a real workday. It’s intentionally open-ended, so you can use the time to work on assignments, meet with your classmates or ask instructors questions.

Ready to Take the First Steps Toward Becoming a FastTracker?


Step 1

Take the Coding Assessment

The first step in our application process is an online Coding Assessment to see if you have the prerequisite skills to succeed in our program.


Step 2

Complete the Predictive Index

Take a short behavioral quiz that allows us to better understand your unique skillset and strengths. This is key to matching you with the right class.


Step 3

Participate in an Interview

If you're a good fit for the program, we'll help you pick a start date so that you'll graduate and be available to hire when it's right for you!


Want to learn more?

Download a sample FastTrack course guide to see what a week-by-week breakdown of your training might look like.

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