I majored in political science in college, but I really wanted to get a job in technology. I’d been working on coding in my spare time, but I knew I needed some professional training if I wanted to make it my career. After doing some research I came across FastTrack’D, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to learn development and a great support structure for getting started.

FastTrack’D said it would prepare me for the workforce, and it definitely lived up to the promise. It was technically intensive, but it helped me be more prepared for the kinds of things I was going to see when I actually began working in development. The apprenticeship-style learning was particularly valuable for me, because I could get real experience without being worried I’d mess up a major project for a client. Without it, instead of making mistakes in class I’d have jumped straight in and made mistakes with a client on actual code people use.

The curriculum was tough, but it helped to have classmates with whom I could share the experience. Everyone bonded over doing something difficult together.

I was hired within a month of graduation at American Express, and I’ve been working as a developer there for three years now. It’s full of constantly escalating challenges, and it changes every day, even though I’m with the same client. I’m extremely thankful to have come across FastTrack’D and to be where I am today.

-Chris Thomas

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