Notes on Access

What is it? Access does not usually make it into the standard list of vocabulary for what makes great work environments. Words like integrity and honesty are long-time staples and ones like candor and curiosity are becoming more popular, but access, in my opinion, is a missed opportunity and also just misunderstood. I’ve been throwing…

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How To: Collaborate

Post authored by: Christopher Shivers — Director of Research at Cook Systems Another article about collaboration? Really? Yes. DOWNLOAD PDF Collaboration has become a buzzword and often an illusive ideal. Like any word that is overused, its capacity is reduced. Can we reclaim our understanding of this vital practice? OLD DEFINITION Collaboration is defined as the mutual…

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Notes on Space

Catch all Space is one of those popular words that means a lot of different things to different people. I’ve been using it lately as a catch all to describe what I need to do good work. Space to think things through and explore options for whatever I’m working on. Space to physically get away…

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Notes on Openness: To Experience

Trait or Value? Openness to experience has been considered a personality trait for over 50 years and includes aspects like curiosity, imagination and introspection. Trait usually refers to the part of a person’s personality that won’t change much after the age of maturity. I’m beginning to think, though, that a lot of what we call…

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Notes on Creativity

Definition? I usually hear creativity defined something like this: the creation of something new, especially an artistic work. I’ve realized that’s a narrow definition. One, are we really capable of creating something new? Two, creativity is not relegated to the arts.   My working definition is something like this: openness to making connections between seemingly…

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Good Help is Still Hard to Find – The IT Talent Conundrum


Post authored by: Christopher Shivers — Director of Research at Cook Systems Good talent in any industry is hard to find and keep; IT talent is even harder. Two qualities are at the center of the dilemma: adaptability and sociability. Adaptability is the quality of being flexible enough to alter course with changing conditions while continuing to…

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How To: Candor

How to Candor Feature Photo

Post authored by: Christopher Shivers — Director of Research at Cook Systems Ever wonder why some groups seem to make progress quickly, not becoming bogged down in unhelpful process or bad attitude?  They’ve learned to employ candor. DOWNLOAD PDF Candor is… Candor is open and frank expression of thoughts and feelings. It doesn’t project or receive things…

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