Cook Systems had the privilege of facilitating the second user group discussion in the Memphis area surrounding microservices June 25, 2018, which brought together architects, directors and even CIOs to discuss the benefits and challenges, potential pitfalls and helpful tips on the journey to making use of microservices.

This unique initiative is filling a gap in the community for a platform and environment in which industry professionals can network, share ideas and discuss difficulties and potential solutions, with no hint of a sales pitch or alternate agenda — simply a chance to come together and trade ideas.

The second-ever gathering was a great success, growing by nearly 75 percent in attendance over the first meet-up. Attendees said having the event at Co-Work in Memphis rather than a restaurant provided equally well for instruction and natural discussion in a laid-back, comfortable environment.

Thomas Davis from Service Master gave a presentation about security and new approaches to organizing the company’s infrastructure to make it more secure, particularly surrounding a model the company has adopted called the Security Enclave Model, which prompted much discussion from the group. Another presentation was given by Cook’s Peter Zastoupil on elastic infrastructure, specifically about how to scale up or down servers depending on the needs.

“These user groups are a great opportunity for tech leaders in Memphis to see where the industry is in this city, to get a sense of how quickly everyone is adopting the technologies as well as the challenges they are facing and how to overcome them,” Zastoupil said about the event.

The microservices discussions allow those who have already jumped in to microservices to share challenges and tips, while people just learning the framework are equipped with more information to go back to their teams and start the conversation, enabling them to have more in-depth discussions and keep the ball moving.

We are excited to be a part of this pioneering group, and we can’t wait to see it continue to grow and propel the industry forward.

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