Cook COO Brent Nair will be bringing his expertise and insight to the Nashville Analytics Summit Sept. 9-10, 2019 as one of the event's many accomplished speakers. Established in 2013 by members of the Nashville Technology Council, the event focuses on how to effectively leverage big data and analytics, alternating between hands-on workshops and speaker presentations from experts in various industries and backgrounds.

Additional speakers include co-founder Dave Castro and instructor Sean Cofoid from DataYou, another Cook venture, which trains business professionals as team-ready data analysts in four months. The conference will offer wisdom and innovative ideas from a diverse group of leaders, including keynote speaker Eric Siegel of Predictive Analytics World.

Brent Nair, Cook COO

In addition to his leadership at Cook Systems, Brent’s extensive knowledge has been earned through his seven years of experience as the CIO of the city of Memphis as well as his role as CIO for a national financial services firm. He’s also worked in logistics, banking, manufacturing and higher education. Brent's expertise extends across several unique topics of discussion, from smart cities and team building to risk management and communication strategies.

To learn more about the 2019 Nashville Analytics Summit or register to attend, visit the event page.

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